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Since 1990, when rainbows were at the peak of popularity with Reading Rainbow, Rainbow Brite, and the rainbow filled designs of Lisa Frank captured our attention, there was another rainbow that graced the food truck scene. And that's Rainbow Snow, a pop up that serves local fairs, festivals, and streets with a bevy of options in every color of the rainbow. As you may have guessed, it starts with shaved ice. Rainbow Snow's been able to last this long because they're providing shaved ice in so many flavors to tantalize your tastebuds. From perennial classics such as blue raspberry, cherry and bubble gum to the more exotic rootbeer, pina colada and orange pineapple, every icy bite provides much needed relief for even the hottest days in Sacramento. But that's not all Rainbow Snow's got to offer. They've also got those carnival favorites, serving up a variety of comfort foods that are fried to golden brown perfection, including onion rings, crispy fries, corn dogs and even a grilled cheese sandwich. See what we mean? To treat your hunger and your sweet tooth cravings to the myriad of options in all the colors of the rainbow, find Rainbow Snow on the streets of Sacramento and beyond. Trust us. It's well worth hitting the pavement for.

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, Sacramento, CA

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